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Simply Sailor Moon

Anonymous Asked:
so it is delayed AGAIN R U SERIOUS ?

My answer:

Yup. I kind of saw it coming because they didn’t have trailers or adverts or anything.

Anonymous Asked:
hi Jenny! What do you think happend to the starlights after Queen Serenity and King Endymion roes to the thorne?- Becca <3

My answer:

I think the Starlights and their Princess went back to their home planet to start anew! And I think that obviously they would have a special bond with Neo Queen Serenity, so I’m sure it’s not the last they saw of each other.

Anonymous Asked:
Hi i haven't been on your blog for a while now and i just wanted to ask do you think that queen Serenity had scouts of her own - Becca

My answer:

Yeah I’m sorry I’ve been really busy lately and I’ll be moving next month as well so things have been crazy!

I’d like to think Queen Serenity had scouts of her own even though we never get to hear about them!

Anonymous Asked:
since enternal sailor moon defeated galxia does that mean that she is the strongest sailor solider

My answer:

Well that’s debatable. Sailor Moon didn’t fight Galaxia. Everything she did was self defense. And she didn’t kill her, she saved her. But Sailor Moon is the Sailor Scout with the strongest love in her heart, I do believe. And love does overcome all.

So I have all my supplies. My roommate isn’t here for some weird reason, and I printed out all of my labels. Tonight could be the night I start making my Sailor Moon Lipsticks. 

Except for some reason I totally lack motivation.

However once I make them all, I’m going to have a give away and the winner will win 6 lipsticks. Their choice of either the 5 inner or outer senshi and a special dark lady lipstick that I’m making just to give away.

So anyone else find this a little ironic??

Mamoru is such a huge dork, he would wear a shirt with “Earth” written on it.

I couldn’t not GIF this.

I’ve actually been marathoning Sailor Moon this week but I haven’t been live blogging. I kind of need to watch it without being obligated to talk about it.

But I’m totally posting this.


I’ve ordered my supplies and will begin making these! Sales will begin in September! The price in the store is set to $4.50 however I’ve gotten a good deal on my supplies and will be dropping it to $3.75!!!

Sailor Moon inspired lipsticks and balms. Handmade with shea butter, lanolin and jojoba oils.

The opening color line:

Sailor Moon- Pink

Sailor Mercurcy - Sky Blue

Sailor Mars - Scarlet

Sailor Jupiter - Pink Rose

Sailor Venus - Mango

Sailor Chibi-Moon - Candy Pink

Sailor Pluto - Mauve

Sailor Uranus - Glowing Tan

Sailor Neptune - Aquamarine

Sailor Saturn - Plum

Different balms and colors to follow!


Anonymous Asked:
Who is princess Serenity Father cause they never mention him

My answer:

He is never shown or mentioned in the series. Best guess is that he is deceased.

I'm Jenny <3 Tall brunette who loves to cook. Also growing up I was a bit of a tomboy. So perhaps that's why I absolutely adore Makoto the most ;) Though I love all my Sailor Senshi. I started this tumblr to liveblog the entire series start to finish. Hope you have as much fun as I do ^-^

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